401(k) University & Fiduciary Forum

To ensure that our clients have the most current processes and procedures for successful plan administration, ERISA Compliance Associates (ECA) provides a 401(k) University and Fiduciary Forum for in-house benefits administrators, fiduciaries, and trustees.

The great news… our client's in-house staff and managers will receive instructions from nationally recognized educators in plan administration operations and will have direct contact with those at ECA who provide that training.

The seminars are individually designed with Plan Sponsors in mind and cover the following topics:

401(k) University

Some of the topics for the 401(k) University are:

  • Characteristics of a well-designed 401(k) Plan
  • Human Resources/ Benefits Plan Operations:
    • The cycle of administration
    • Providing Summary Plan Descriptions at point of hire
    • Employee Notices for Safe-Harbor 401(k) Plans
    • The Enrollment (or Automatic Enrollment)
    • Process Updating Beneficiary Designation forms
    • Participant Loan & Distribution Procedures
    • QDRO & Rollover Procedures
    • Summary Annual Report disclosure to Participants
  • Payroll-related issues
    • Timely deposits of elective deferrals
    • Participant loan administration
    • §402(g) deferral and catch-up limitations for each calendar year

Fiduciary Forum

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act's (ERISA) fiduciary responsibility standards impose on plan fiduciaries, among other things, a duty of loyalty to plan participants and a duty of care. These fiduciary obligations are among the "highest known to law." An individual plan fiduciary who breaches his or her duties under ERISA may be held personally liable for any losses to the plan that result from such breach. Some of the topics for the Forum are:

  • Identifying the Known (and deemed)
  • Fiduciaries Fiduciary Responsibility
  • ERISA Fidelity Bonds vs. Fiduciary Liability Insurance
    • How are fiduciaries protected?
  • Handling Employee contributions timely
    • (Deposit of salary deferrals & loan payments)
  • Participant Loans Administration Liabilities
  • Employee Notice and Disclosure Requirements and Fiduciaries Duties
  • ERISA §404(c) Protection
  • Form 5500: Annual Return for Department of Labor and IRS
  • Fiduciary Compliance Review: 25 Essential Points