Fiduciary Compliance Consulting Projects

ERISA Compliance Associates (ECA) is dedicated to providing an extraordinary level of service. We are uniquely qualified to do this as our experience extends to retirement plan administration, actuarial services, plan design, plan documentation, plan investments, and plan operations. The success of all our efforts (yours and ours) will be illustrated by reduced personal fiduciary liability, more efficient plan administration, and enhanced participant value.

ERISA Fiduciary Projects

According to ERISA, if you are not knowledgeable in fiduciary compliance regarding your retirement plan, then you are obligated to get assistance in managing those responsibilities. At ECA, our goal is to assist you, the plan sponsor, in building a comprehensive strategy to manage fiduciary risk while maximizing participant's investment experience.

ERISA Fiduciary Annual Reviews

A full-scope Fiduciary Compliance Reviewis a comprehensive evaluation that covers more than 125 IRS and Department of Labor compliance requirements and standards. The result of the examination is a written report prepared for the plan fiduciaries, documenting the status of each area reviewed and providing action plans using 'best practices' to address items requiring plan sponsor attention. Our Compliance Review follows the recommendations of the IRS for an annual plan "Check-up" by an independent consultant. (See IRS pamphlet Have you had your Check-up this year?) Many Plan Sponsors have requested on-going annual Fiduciary Compliance Reviews. However, ECA also provides this service as a one-time consulting project.