ERISA Compliance Associates, LLC has been well received by plan sponsors and investment consultants. Below are testimonials regarding our work.


HR Director, $55 Million Plan

"Because ECA provides a baseline of ERISA compliance each year, I know that I am fulfilling to the best of my abilities my responsibilities as a fiduciary of our retirement plan."

CFO, $4.5 Million Plan

"Because we are an accounting firm, our officers believe that within the next five years we will have a DOL audit. We must manage our plan properly. ECA was extremely knowledgeable and I do think this is a very beneficial service to the firm. We had a wonderful time talking '401k lingo'— a lot of it was over my head. Thank you."

HR Manager, $65 Million Plan

"We're in the process of taking our company public. I want our company's retirement plan to be in great shape for the impending sale."

Principal, $1.3 Million Plan

"With ECA, I know I am providing my client an additional layer of fiduciary consulting that my competitors are not providing. This is the type of retirement team I want to have in place for my clients, and, oh by the way, I can sleep better at night!"

Investment Consultant, $55 Million Plan.

"I have a business to run, and I don't have time to fully understand all the nuances of our Plan. I know that I need a team of experts to assist me with this valuable benefit for my employees. That is why I am please to have ECA help us."

President/Trustee, $5 Million Plan.

"I know that we need something like this for our plan. Help!"

In-House Administrator, $35 Million plan.